Hip-Hop at its very core is about expansion. It’s about grasping new concepts and ideas and expanding the vision of current musical genres. Hip-Hop has reshaped R&B, Rock-n-Roll, Alternative Jazz and even Gospel Music. With the success of Artist like Kirk Franklin and the Cross-Movement, the music culture has tapped in to an entirely new and unique market. Now creating a new path within this Urban Inspirational culture is RUSS SHANKS!

Divinely raised in the streets of Baltimore, MD, SHANKS blends a classic street style with the message of a disciple. His music blends styles from a diverse musical background. It is difficult to categorize him as a gospel rapper because his music has something for everyone.

From live performances to Hip-Hop cyphers and award show nominations, the Shanks train continues to build momentum and increase its fan base popularity. This spiritual messenger, who likes to be called the “Madd Saint” instills blessings and encouragement to the saints who are looking for an answer from God.

For several years, Russ Shanks has pleasured the lives and souls of many through his ability to utilize his amazing talent of lyrical prophesy. There is no doubt left to chance that what he speaks in his plethora of songs has been celebrated and recognized within his body of musical works.