Divinely raised in the streets of Baltimore, MD, SHANKS blends a classic street style with the message of a disciple. His music blends styles from a diverse musical background. It is difficult to categorize him as a gospel rapper because his music has something for everyone. You are liable to hear Rock-n-Roll, R&B or straight hardcore Hip-Hop. But let’s get down to the nitty-gritty grimy, when we listen to a Hip-Hop artist there is only one thing we want and that’s lyrics. This kid definitely has them. His formula allows him to display his devotion to the Lord and his Christian soldier mentality. Ready to go to war for the cause, SHANKS draws on his personal experiences to send a message of hope, strength and redemption for all those going through the struggle. But don’t get it twisted; because SHANKS also lets those who question his dedication to the purity of the art form know that his skills are not to be taken lightly. Those that wish to test his lyrical prowess do so at their own risk. They say the streets are watching, well they not only need to watch but also hear and feel the message of this innovator to the Hip-Hop scene.